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Rarotonga Sailing Club


The original Clubhouse was erected on this site in 1940. Since its formation, the Club has gone from strength to strength.

The first boats to race were converted Fishing Canoes with outriggers that had masts added, and very basic sails stitched up out of flour sacks.Ever trying to sail better and faster, sailors soon imported readymade sails, and their sailing skills advanced accordingly. Many years and races later, after a cyclone destroyed much of the sailing canoe fleet, the RSC became one of the first clubs to build the newest boat of the day – the Sunburst sailing dinghy. Sunbursts became the mainstay of the fleet until 1994 when the first Optimist Class boats were obtained and provided the opportunity to get more children on the water. A fire destroyed the existing clubhouse, trophies, memorabilia, 8 Sunbursts and 12 Optimists in September 1998. Upsetting to members, this did however provide another opportunity for the club. The re-designed and re-built clubhouse, which includes Sails Restaurant and Bar, is part of the result, as are the other Sailing Club facilities on the site. The RSC and its members now possess a wider range of craft than ever – about 12 Sunbursts, a similar number of Lasers, 12 Optimists, 7 BICs and around 10 sailing Vakas. The Vakas are a locally designed, 18ft Tangaroa Class outrigger known as a Vaka. RSC is very enthusiastic about promoting sailing for kids and runs a very popular learn to sail and competition programme for the club’s junior members. The lagoon provides a unique and safe environment which makes sailing a fun and enjoyable activity for all. RSC also works hard to manage, support and fundraise for our junior members to attend national and international regattas in Optimist, Open BIC and Laser classes. The many regattas offer the opportunity for our sailors to improve their skills and represent the club. Our programmes include:

Junior sailing coaching, 3-4 days a week after school with racing on Saturday mornings from 8.00 am.

Senior fleet races on Saturday afternoons in Sunbursts, Lasers and the 18 ft Tangaroa Class outriggers (Vaka) from 1.30 pm.

Electron radio controlled yachts race on Sunday afternoon from 2.00 pm.

Updates on the junior club activities are available on Facebook.

If you are involved in sailing, or would like to know more about it, just ask a member or Sails staff who will be more than happy to assist

Membership Fees (Sept 2015/Sept 2016)

Family (2 adults plus children under 18yrs living at one address) $150

Single (18yrs & over) $100

Junior (Under 18 yrs) $40 Veteran (65 yrs plus) $40

Overseas Member (res. outside the Cook Islands) $50 * boat storage fees additional

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